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Jonathan J Davis

Selected Graphics, Logos, Photographs, and Sketches.

Amity Textile Arts
Amity Clothing Tag/Postcard
CLUNK Puppet Lab
Puppet Clutter
Long Grass Studio
2012 New Years Postcard
2013 New Years Postcard
Nistor Network Diagram
"How I Became Invisible" Poster
HotClub CD Insert
Pac-man Inspired Illustration
Pac-man Inspired Illustration No.2
Punch & Judy Poster
House at Poe Corner Promo Shot
Pencil Sketch of Hexagons
4 Point Perspective Sketch
Caricature Illustration
LOTR Styled Dwelling Sketch
Princess Sparkly Butt Promo 1
Princess Sparkly Butt Promo 2
Tiger Fish
Juicebox Hero
Halloween Puppet Promo
NANOG #39 Shirt
Media Bangla
The Rocky Mountains, Banff
Stop Light, Toronto
Pencil Sketch
Internet Plant Sketch
Portrait Illustration No.1
Portrait Illustration No.2
Seven L Networks